100 Boston Turnpike Rd. Suite J9B
Shrewsbury, MA. 01545​
100 Boston Turnpike Road Suite J9B  Shrewsbury, MA. 01545​
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We started as a small, non-profit company called Help Me Budget inc. offering representative payee services.

As we grew and worked with other human service providers, housing courts, and local housing authorities it became apparent although representative payee service can often be helpful to a person struggling to maintain their housing often people either do not need or do not want a full representative payee.

Rent Secure inc. became our "sister" program designed to assist tenants and landlords in making sure the tenant pays the rent before other bills and therefore maintaining stable housing!
This is mostly done through the Full budgeting assistance program.

We've since added the "Motivated tenant" and "Needs some support tenant" to be a full service, one stop answer for tenant and landlords in making sure a person's rent is paid. Having the four choices 3 from Rent secure and 1 from Help Me Budget means the right intervention, best suited for each individual is available!
Rent Secure inc. and Help Me Budget Inc. can meet all your needs regarding paying your rent and maintaining stable housing!
 Full representative payee services are offered through Help Me Budget Inc. where a medical doctor signs-off and social security officially designates Help Me Budget as the client's representative payee.
1. The Motivated Tenant, can pay their rent through monthly invoices we email, set to have recurring payments or log onto our site and pay their rent.
2. The Needs Some Support Tenant has Rent Secure deduct their rent electronically from their checking account monthly.
3. The Full Budgeting Assistance Program is where Rent Secure opens an account for the tenant, pays their rent and any bills they may like and then disperses the remainder back to the tenant any way they would like. 
Rent Secure offers 3 ways to pay your rent!