100 Boston Turnpike Rd. Suite J9B
Shrewsbury, MA. 01545​
100 Boston Turnpike Road Suite J9B  Shrewsbury, MA. 01545​
                ph. 508-233-8373                                    fax 888-877-2603                                      email: Rentsecure@gmail.com
1 lock peace of mind!
Double your peace of mind!
Triple your peace of mind!
  • Client can pay rent through this site!
  • Can pay through monthly invoices sent!
  • Monthly reminders sent!
  • Late notices sent!
  • Tenant can pay 1x or set for recurring payments!
  • Fee deducted from rent collected!
  • Tenant enrolls one time and then never worries again!
  • We establish the automatic payment!
  • No unnecessary invoices!
  • No more late notices!
  • Future enrollments almost 50% off!
  • Fee can be charged to tenant or paid by landlord! You decide!

  • Rent is paid before all other bills!
  • Can have just rent paid or all bills!
  • Funds can be sent weekly or monthly! You decide!
  • Stop worrying about paying your rent!
  • Fee is paid by tenant!
The Motivated tenant

The Needs some support tenant

Full budgeting assistance tenant
$ 4.95
per month!
$4.95 per month!
*one time enrollment fee of 9.95 only 4.95 subsequent enrollments
Only $25.00-
$30.00 per month!