100 Boston Turnpike Rd. Suite J9B
Shrewsbury, MA. 01545​
100 Boston Turnpike Road Suite J9B  Shrewsbury, MA. 01545​
                ph. 508-233-8373                                    fax 888-877-2603                                      email: Rentsecure@gmail.com
1 lock peace of mind!
Double your peace of mind!
Triple your peace of mind!

​​Here the tenant can pay rent right through this site using a check, credit or debit card. They can pay each month by logging in or log in once, set for recurring payments and they're all done!  The rent can also be paid online through an emailed monthly invoice we send!

​With this option the tenant has Rent Secure withdraw their rent from their bank account every month. No need to log in. Just give us account information one time at the beginning of their lease and we do the rest. More secure and efficient!

​ This is the most secure option. Rent secure opens a bank account in the client's name. The tenant has their work or government check direct deposited to the new account. Rent Secure then pays the rent and gives the remaining funds to the client. This can be done the same day the check arrives. If they'd like we can also pay other bills they may have each month.

The Motivated tenant

Best for the tenant with a steady job and decent credit history​​.
The Needs some support tenant

Best for the tenant who may have a work history and / or some credit blemishes.​​
The Full budgeting assistance tenant

Most often this is used with tenants with little to no work history, questionable credit history and often receiving some type of government assistance.​​